The interactive player that improves the video experience of events by facilitating to create, access, search and share the key moments.

How does it work ?

To provide your fans with an interactive video, you need a live or replay video, the Meta-Video player in your web site and an access to the Meta-Video platform to manage your interactive content. In each step you can be autonomous or rely on Meta-Video experts to do it for you.

Third party players friendly

Keep your existing video channels. The Meta-Video player is compatible with most of the video players.

Stay connected

You and your fans can share the tags directly from the Meta-Video player on the most popular social networks.

Full responsive

The Meta-Video player will make your video available on every devices, Operating Systems and web browsers.

Accurate and ready to use reporting

Know all about you fans behavior in a single report. All the metrics are available directly in your Google Analytics account. No need for another tool or report to be integrated.

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