The interactive player that improves the video experience of events by facilitating to create, access, search and share the key moments.
benefits engagement
Offer a quality experience to your fans
benefits engagement
Become more present on social networks
benefits engagement
Boost your website traffic
benefits engagement
Make your content instantly live

Improve your engagement

By bringing Meta-Video in your web site, you offer more emotion from your events to your viewers with a brand new, attractive and quality experience. You make your events stand out from the others and improve your image and your partners' one

Increase your visibility on social networks

Each key moment is an opportunity for sharing on the social networks. We do not share a video or a highlight anymore but a key moment. It allows the viewers to watch it directly but also gives them access to the other key moments that they will be able to share again. The sharing number is increased and the web site audience boosted.

Boost your audience during and after the event

During the event, the viewers can watch or watch again the key moments from the beginning of the broadcast. By sharing these key moments, they invite their friends to watch the live, boosting its audience. Once the event is finished, the video and the key moments remain available. the viewers continue to share them, holding the web site audience up.

Efficient and time saving

Thanks to the tags appearing in real time during your events, the key moments are available immediately. Find them as quickly with the search feature. And for more flexibility, you can clip your video and share it directly on Facebook and YouTube. You are always the closest from action.


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